Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clumsy's Oldies Vol. 5

He's back on the scene
with that L.A Lean
lookin' slightly mean
the homie CLUMSY Rated Classic Supreme!

If you haven't tasted this product yet you're missing out. 
Grab the previous 4 volumes on this site and you'll know what I'm talking about!
Nothing but smooth rolas in this series.

Got 2 give a big shout out 2 MR. CLUMSY for sharing these volumes with us.....as well as our Chicago Princess ROSALIE for doing the link work for this volume.


01. Tower Of Power - By Your Side
02. The Confidentials - Does He Really Love You
03. The Specials - Fool For Your Love
04. The Ultimate Blacks - I Like To Be
05. The Individuals - I Love The Way You Love
06. Renaldo Domino - I'm Hip To Your Game
07. The Enchantments - It's You That I Need
08. The Scorpions - Keep Trying
09. Liqiud Smoke - Where Is Our Love
10. Mark-Keys - My Sweet Baby
11. Albert Jones - Reflections
12. Renaldo Domino - Not too Cool to Cry
13. Mojoba - Say You Will
14. Sly Slick & Wicked - Sho Nuff
15. Sweet Cherries - Story Book
16. Three Reasons - Take Me Back
17. Henry Ford - Take Me For What I Am
18. Circulations - Tell Me
19. Special Delivery - I Destroyed Your Love Parts 1 & 2
20. The Four Tops -  (It's The Way) Nature Planned It
21. The Masqueraders - Say It
22. The Showmen - What Would It Take
23. 125th Street Candy Store - The Tables Have Turned
24. First Class - What About Me
25. Showstopping Super Sonics - What Kind Of Girl Is She
26. The Sequins - What Makes Me Love You
27. The Equatics - Where Is Love
28. The Hamilton Movement - Your Love (Brings Out The Man In Me)

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Tracks courtesy of MR. CLUMSY
Album cover by G MAN


  1. thanks for the previous vol. ...

  2. Zip it to me............thanks for all the tunes

  3. Thankz 4 another fat bad boy drop CLUMSY! To the G-MAN U work magic with those coverz homie, ROSE, thankz 4 droppin tha link homegirl!

  4. Whip it on me baby! All these good things! Yeah!!!

  5. Thanks 4 all those good albums kp on bringing those good old memories bk

  6. Thanx to Clumsy, G Man, & DustyRose for making this available for the gente. Much appreciated.

  7. Can't wait 4 this thing. The lineup looks tight!

    J. Sanchez

  8. Come on brothas and sistas let's hurry and get this link in!