Friday, March 23, 2012

Clumsy's Oldies Vol. 1

All right everybody... got a brand new series for ya from our homie out of sunny C.A........the rare soul collector.....CLUMSY. As of right now we have scheduled at least 7 volumes of Clumsy's Oldies. The unofficial schedule right now says we'll post up a new volume weekly.....which could be subject to change. These volumes are jam packed full of smooth underworld rolas .....our specialty here at 99.7 SOUL ROLA RADIO. So check out the link and if U dig what you hear drop a little luv in the comment section. If we can get some positive feedback we may be able to get CLUMSY to commit to more than 7 albums.

Oh and clear up any possible confusion.......when you click on the link it will say vol. 2.....but rest assured you will be getting volume one.

In addition check out the homie's dope oldies site at

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of CLUMSY
Tracks courtesy of CLUMSY
Album cover by G MAN


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