Monday, April 2, 2012

Clumsy's Oldies Vol. 2

Heat and fire
2 quench your souldies desire!
The Cali collector CLUMSY is back with another hot set of rolas packed into volume two of his oldies series. 

Check out the homie directly at his website:

 And an extra big thanx 2 our Chicago Princess 4 providing the link.......itz much appreciated DUSTYROSE!


01. Barbara Mason - Change Me If You Can
02. Faces Of Truth - I Need Ya
03. Enchantments - It's You That I Need
04. Little Ann - Deep Shadows
05. Little Ray Jimenez - Leave Her Alone
06. The Performers - The Day She Needed Me
07. Louis Williams - I Care For You
08. Roddie Joy - Come Back Baby
09 Suspects - That's How I Feel
10. Synclayr's - You Came Along
11 The Grooms - I Deserve A Little Bit More
12. The Icemen - It's Gonna Take Alot (To Bring Me Back Baby)
13 The Showmen What Would It Take
14. The Newcomers - Manish Boy
15. The Specials - You Stood Me Up
16. Theron & Darrell - I Was Made To Love Her
17. Jackie Moppins - Your Hurting Day Is Gonna Come
18. Billy Jones & The Stars - My Baby's Gone
19. Carol Hughes - Unlucky Girl
20. Black Soul Express - When I Left You

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of DUSTYROSE
Tracks courtesy of CLUMSY
Album cover by G MAN


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  1. MUCH thanks G-MAN, CLUMSY, 4 the sweet tunes! IM gonna jam to this l8tr today. A BIG thanks to you ROSE 4 the link homegirl;)